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Don and Glenda Moon

World Gospel Missions (Argentina)

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What is World Gospel Mission?

World Gospel Mission partners with individuals and churches worldwide to make disciples of Christ and encourage believers to become missions-active through ministries that reach the whole person—physically and spiritually—transforming communities.

What are the Moons doing in Argentina?

Don and Glenda Moon is currently working with WGM to create cross-cultural missionary training school in Cordoba Argentina.
They have been working for over twenty years training missionary candidates from all over Latin America. Don and Glenda have prepared and sent missionaries and Bible translators to all points of the globe.

How we can help

What can we do to help?

Prayer Requests
1. Pray for the local churches in Argentina as Don and Glenda train them for cross-cultural ministry.
2. Pray for the missionaries and Bible translators which have gone through the intensive training course and are currently working for the kingdom around the world.

Short Term Missions
Three members of our own congregation, Tami Anderson, Susan Brooks, and Katie Mulhullen will be joining Don and Glenda for two weeks (June 17 – July 1) to assist in helping the current students in an english-only immersion session. They will need assistance in raising the funds for travel and prayers for their trip.