Mission Shares


Faith Promise Giving

What is Faith Promise Giving?
Faith Promise Giving is a promise by a Christian, led by the Holy Spirit, to systematically give a certain amount of money for a given time period to a financial and prayer support program for missionaries and/or mission boards.  The standard term period for a missionary share is five years.

How much do I have to commit?
As a church we use, as a basic share, $10.00 per month in reporting to church and mission boards. This promise is made in faith believing that God will supply the funds to meet this commitment.  Missionaries and mission boards do not want this support to be taken from the tithe that is to be given to the local church.

How do I get started with Faith Promise Giving?
When a person desires to take a share in a missionary, that person should notify the missionary of his intentions.  If shares are to be remitted through the local church treasurer by the envelope system, then the local missions treasurer should be informed of all details so that proper confidential records may be kept and share support be remitted to the missionary’s headquarters. If you want to be a part of this great program, click here to submit a request and a member of the Missions Committee will contact you.

Monthly giving
Church members who have made share pledges, submit their share payment in with all other tithes and offerings through the envelope system.  The church’s financial secretary will keep a record of them and provide them with an annual receipt for tax purposes.  The missions treasurer will keep an up to date record on all missionaries and payments and remit monthly payments to the various mission boards for all the missionaries.

General Giving

Non-designated share plan
Also, there is a “Non-designated Share Plan” in place for people who do not want to make a commitment to a particular missionary but just prefer to give to missions in general.  These “NDS” funds enable the local church to support our EMC Board of World Missions and help to pay for shares dropped by anyone who has suffered some financial set back or other problem. “NDS” also supports the mission conferences in the local church.

Even though share payments may be paid on an irregular basis (some late and some ahead) the mission treasurer will always be able to maintain regular monthly payments to the mission board for the missionaries.  Shares placed in advance are in interest bearing accounts so that, together with the “NDS”, the church can guarantee the completion of all the missionary’s shares.

So, you see, this has been a tried and proven method designed to support God’s missionaries in the field who depend upon Christians back home.  One can give to missions in general, or to individual missionaries, in faith believing that God will provide the means.  Experience has shown that God meets our every need – when we trust Him.  He will meet yours when your heart is challenged into Faith Promise Giving.

This program has brought great blessings to many churches and peoples.  Mission ministries grow, prayers are answered and our hearts are warmed and thrilled when we see young people respond to the missionary call of God, whether at home or to the foreign field.  May God help you to prayerfully share in this world-wide evangelistic program through “Faith Promise Giving”.