FCC Preschool & Kindergarten
Our school was established in 1971. 

Our goal is threefold:
1. To prepare your children for the beginning of their formal education – socially, emotionally, and spiritually.
2. To teach children about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. To instill within each of them the understanding that God loves them. To help you, the parent or guardian, in providing them a Christian base upon which they can build their moral values.
3. To make our experiences together memorable and happy ones. We want each child to begin their educational career on a very positive note.
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Early Learners – 3 years old by September 1st
Preschool – 4 years old by September 1st
Kindergarten – 5 years old by September 1st


Susan  Mrs. Susan Brooks
This is Mrs. Brooks’ 29th year at Faith Country Chapel.  She has had the privilege of growing our school from an average of 50 students to 95 students per year.  She has a degree in Elementary Education as well as Special Education.  Mrs. Brooks and her husband, David, have two grown sons.  She worked for the Midwestern Intermediate Unit 4 for 4 years before she resigned to rear her two sons when they were young boys.   When they reached elementary school age, God directed Mrs. Brooks here to FCC.  As well as being the School Administrator, Mrs. Brooks taught kindergarten for 16 years as well as afternoon preschool classes.  She moved over to teaching just the preschool from 2005-2015.  In her own words  “I love teaching and I have such fun with the children.”

Early Learners 
 Debbie Mrs. Debbie Nagel
Mrs. Nagel has taught the Early Learners classes for 23 years.  When the program began, there were two classes each week which has grown to three classes a week each with twelve students.  Her husband, Ron is a pastor at New Life Baptist Church in New Wilmington where they attend church.  Mrs. Nagel loves teaching, and says, “I love my job.  My love for the children is what gives me the desire to teach them.  I feel it is my calling from God to touch children’s lives and help them to know Him.”

     Ruthie Mrs. Ruthie Harlan

Mrs. Harlan has been assisting Mrs. Nagel in the Tuesday/Thursday Early Learners classes for 10 years.  She is in her 5th year of teaching the Monday/Wednesday class.  She loves teaching the little ones and seeing them grow throughout the year.


ChelseaMrs. Chelsea Milbert

Mrs. Milbert is in her 4th year of assisting Mrs. Harlan in the Monday/Wednesday Early Learner class.  Faith Country Chapel has always been her home church.  She enjoys interacting with the children and seeing how much they learn throughout the year.


Mrs. Walczak teaching her 1st year at Faith Country Chapel with Miss Maiya Sheets assisting.

JulieMrs. Julie Wagner                                                                                    

Mrs. Wagner has been teaching the FCC Kindergarten Class for 11 years.  She studied at Geneva College where she got her degree in Early Childhood Education.  Before graduation, Mrs. Wagner participated in an overseas student teaching experience in Uzbekistan.  She attends FCC with her husband Jason.  They have a beautiful little girl who attends the FCC Kindergartner class and a little boy at home.



Benefits of Your Child Attending FCC Kindergarten
Small Class Size  – Increased amount of personal attention from teacher

1/2 Day Classes –  Our students acquire all of the same skills as those that attend full day kindergarten programs but are able to spend time at home before the rigors of  the next 12-16 years begin.   Makes for an easy transition to full day classes when children are older and more prepared for the change. 

Christian Education – Our students meet all of the Pennsylvania State Educational Curriculum Requirements and more by adding solid Biblical Christian teachings to their everyday learning.

Affordable – Compared to other private school programs, FCC Kindergarten has a very low tuition and monthly payments are accepted.

Bussing is available for your child — Check with your local district about bussing to and from FCC Kindergarten.

Lasting Friendships – Children from all area districts attend FCC Kindergarten.  Children will make friendships that will continue on into their grade school years and beyond.